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  • 2014 April 17 - Being Strong Boston Strong. Newtown (Connecticut) Strong. Overland Park (Kansas) Strong. Pakistan. Ukraine. Malaysia. Strong. Strong. Strong.6 degrees of separation? Really? Not anymore. My town is your town is … the world. We may live in different places and lead different lives, but we are as united globally as we are locally.And whether we run to live, live to run, or cheer (or sometimes - let’s be honest - cry or even curse) as others pass us by , we are strong in our passion to believe. To believe in laughter. To believe in the power of talking face-to-face. To believe we can always find a way to reach and strive for the very best for ourselves, for those we love ...
    Posted Apr 18, 2014, 1:56 PM by Jennifer Steinmetz
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